W-L Alfalfas Bulks Up HarvXtra® Alfalfa Lineup with FD5 Addition

W-L HarvXtra® Alfalfa has a revolutionary new offering in alfalfa production, our first fall dormancy 5 release, WL 375HVX.RR, simply delivers. WL 375HVX.RR compliments the 2016 release of FD4 WL 341HVX.RR, offering another valuable winterhardy option with a new, superior agronomic package and the HarvXtra® Alfalfa trait.

WL 375HVX.RR Advantages
• WL 375HVX.RR offers tremendous value of flexibility in choosing to maximize fiber digestibility, or realize greater yield by delaying cutting frequency, perhaps removing 1 cut, without sacrificing feed quality compared to check varieties
• Reduced-lignin % (ADL, acid detergent lignin) content of 22% less than the average of competitive check varieties gives WL 375HVX.RR a 16% greater RFQ (relative forage quality), and a 18% greater NDFD (neutral detergent fiber digestibility) than the average of competitive check varieties
• Yield performance of WL 375HVX.RR rivals WL 372HQ.RR, our highest yielding dormant variety ever, across 4 of our major U.S. research sites