HarvXtra® alfalfa is the industry’s first genetically-enhanced reduced-lignin alfalfa. This technology gives growers unprecedented control by widening cutting windows and giving the choice to maintain the current harvest schedule for higher-quality forage or delay harvest for increased tonnage without sacrificing quality. It is the most advanced alfalfa in the industry and provides a significant edge in your field.

  • Genetically enhanced HarvXtra® alfalfa changes the correlation between forage quality and stage of maturity by modifying lignin content beyond what is possible with conventional breeding techniques.
  • In a 2015 trial, lignin content in HarvXtra® alfalfa was more than 20 percent lower, and NDFD was 15-20 percent higher  than any of the commercial check varieties at the last sampling date.
  • In addition to maintaining forage quality over a longer period, this alfalfa variety is also Roundup Ready®, giving growers the enhanced broad-spectrum weed control they expect from the Roundup™ system.