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Plant your legacy with W-L Alfalfas®.

Grow your confidence season after season with our proven alfalfa seed. W-L Alfalfas® has increased yields and improved forage quality for more than half a century. Our lineup of conventional, Roundup Ready® and HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready technology can make a difference in your fields.

The W-L Alfalfas® Lineup


The industry’s first biotechnology-derived reduced-lignin alfalfa trait provides greater harvest flexibility and overall alfalfa quality.

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Roundup Ready® alfalfa varieties allow growers to maximize the genetic potential of their W-L Alfalfas during critical stand establishment and stand life.

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The UltraCut™ alfalfa disease package helps you grow a healthy alfalfa crop even in field conditions susceptible to Anthracnose and Aphanomyces disease strains and can help deliver an advantage through improved agronomic performance and yield potential.

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Our HopperShield™ varieties provide industry-leading potato leafhopper resistance for top yield and quality potential under various levels of leafhopper pressure.

Product Comparison

Product Trait Fall Dormancy Winter Hardiness Disease Resistance Index Potato Leafhopper
WL 3344HQ.RR HQRR 3.2 1.0 34/35 -
WL 3311HQ HQUltraCut 3.4 1.0 - HR
WL 359LH.RR RRHopper 3.9 2.2 34/35 -
PowerStand™ RR RR 4 2 28/30 -
WL 3440.RR RR 4 2.0 34/35 -
WL 358LH Hopper 4.1 2.0 34/35 -
WL 3473.HVXRR HarvXtraUltraCut 4.3 1.9 39/40 HR
WL 3441HQ.RR RR 4.3 2.0 35/35 R
WL 349HQ HQUltraCut 4.4 1,7 40/40 HR
WL 3451HQ.RR RRUltraCut 4.4 1.4 40/40 HR
WL 375HVX.RR HarvXtraUltraCut 4.6 2.1 39/40 HR
WL 372HQ.RR HQRR 4.9 1.8 34/35 -
WL 365HQ HQ 4.9 1.1 34/35 -
WL 3521HQ UltraCut 5 1.8 40/40 HR
WL 377HQ HQ 5 2.5 30/30 -
HVX3686RR HarvXtra 6 Moderate - -
HR- High Resistance


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