Growing High-Quality Alfalfa Starts with the Right Seed

Grow your confidence with W-L Alfalfas® premium alfalfa seed. W-L Alfalfas has increased yields and improved forage quality for more than half a century. Our lineup of premium alfalfa varieties are built on a strong foundation of research and development to help you achieve greatness in your fields.

1. Harvest on your schedule.
HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology puts you back in charge of your cutting schedule. Maintain a normal harvest schedule and achieve higher forage quality than with conventional varieties at the same stage of maturity or delay harvest up to 10 days for higher yield potential without sacrificing quality.

2. Fall dormancy and winterhardiness
Consider your yield and quality goals as well as the type of hay or silage you are producing when making a variety selection. W-L Alfalfas produces varieties in a range of fall dormancies with comparable winterhardiness ratings.

3. Weed control
For a thicker stand, higher yield and a higher percentage of pure alfalfa in forage, Roundup Ready Alfalfa controls weeds like nothing else.

4. Disease and pest protection
In-seed resistance is the best protection against threats from seedling diseases or diseases in established stands, aphids and nematodes. W-L Alfalfas is leading the way in improved traits like these, as well as in salt-tolerant alfalfas.
Ask your seed supplier about the new W-L Alfalfas variety for unmatched quality, yield potential and flexibility.

WL 3441.RR
WL 3441.RR is a new W-L breakthrough variety with an enhanced multi-race Aphanomyces disease package that offers growers the ability to help protect yield and quality potential from coast to coast. An FD4, WL 3441.RR is very winterhardy (2.0) and delivers a long stand life under adverse weather and soil conditions. This variety also has high yield potential under 3- to 5-cut harvest management systems.
Privacy and Terms

For the 2020 growing seasons, growers must direct any product produced from HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology seed or crops (including hay and hay products) only to US domestic use. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk to their product purchaser to confirm their buying position for this product.

Due to factors outside of Forage Genetics International’s (FGI) control, such as weather, crop production patterns, and other factors, results to be obtained, including but not limited to yields or financial performance, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by FGI. Results are based upon FGI controlled tests and field trials and public trials. Results may vary.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready® crops contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides. Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate. Roundup Ready® and Roundup® are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC, used under license by Forage Genetics International, LLC. HarvXtra® is a registered trademark of Forage Genetics International, LLC. HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology is enabled with Technology from The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.