Introducing the UltraCut™ Alfalfa Disease Package

The best way to protect against evolving Anthracnose and Aphanomyces disease strains is to plant a variety with more advanced resistance.


The UltraCut™ alfalfa disease package helps you grow a healthy alfalfa crop even in field conditions susceptible to Anthracnose and Aphanomyces disease strains. The UltraCut alfalfa disease package can help deliver an advantage through improved agronomic performance and yield potential.


Anthracnose is a significant fungal disease with multiple races, causing stem and crown rot and can cause yield losses of up to 25-30% in the affected harvest. If severe enough, Anthracnose can greatly diminish stands through plant mortality. Anthracnose can appear anytime during the growing season, on stands of any age, but it mostly strikes when growing conditions are warm and humid.


Aphanomyces root rot (ARR) is a serious alfalfa disease that can cause significant yield reductions and decreased nutrient uptake. ARR infection also increases the risk of secondary disease infection, lowering stand persistence. The pathogen that causes ARR is a fungi-like protozoa present predominantly in wet and poorly drained soils.


Crown, stem and root diseases can cause significant impacts on alfalfa yield, quality and persistence. The UltraCut alfalfa disease package enables strong stand establishment and variety performance through unmatched disease resistance. UltraCut can show an average of 15% yield advantage over varieties without the disease package.* 

What does the difference look like? 

You’ll find UltraCut in these W-L Alfalfas varieties:

Ask your W-L Alfalfas seed retailer for the UltraCut alfalfa disease package next time you purchase alfalfa seed. 

* Compared to conventional varieties without the UltraCut alfalfa disease package in fields with disease pressure in states in the Midwest and East. 

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