• Apr 01, 2019
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Your Alfalfa Management Checklist

1. Test soil and determine fertility requirements.

Solid soil fertility is imperative for high-producing alfalfa. Soil test and fertilize, not just for baseline maintenance but also taking into account your yield goals and nutrient removal throughout your cropping cycle.

2. Choose the right W-L Alfalfas variety.

There is a lot to consider when picking the right variety for your operation, including your yield and quality goals, the variety’s fall dormancy rating and your preferred cutting frequency. Talk to your local W-L Alfalfas retailer for assistance.

3. Plan your weed control.

Longer growing seasons and more cuts make weed control especially vital. Glyphosate resistant varieties with the Roundup Ready® Alfalfa trait allow for maximum control of weeds at establishment and throughout the season.

4. Assess your established stand’s potential.

Assess your stand’s potential yield using stem density per square foot. Stands with fewer than 40 stems per square foot indicates severely limited yield potential and should be rotated out.

Pre-Harvest Maintenance Checklist For Your Alfalfa Mower
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Pre-Harvest Maintenance Checklist For Your Alfalfa Mower

Pushing The Alfalfa Yield and Quality Bar